Data Policy

Who we are
We are a property developer and investor and also related services such as rental and management.

VBRO Group
320 West Sabal Palm Place, Suite 300, Longwood, Florida, FL 32997

Contact details of Data Protection Officer
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information we hold on you, the use of your information or would like to discuss further, please contact;
Mr Ashish Kapadia –
Why we collect information (purpose of processing)
The processing of data and this privacy notice relates to all information processed within VBRO Group Ventures and Associated companies for :

Legal process       Financial       Property Appraisal       Credit References       Investor Relations
Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract, joint venture or financing.

Processing is necessary for the purposes of assessment business needs current and future. To inform our clients, partners and financiers of our status - the data subject has given consent to the processing the data provided for one or more specific purposes. Referrals from/to third party professionals or advisors to provide services and to carry our advice.

How we collect information
We may ask for or hold confidential information which you have provided to support finance, risk evaluation and accounts. These records may include:

  • Basic details, social security number, name, address, date of birth
  • Details and records of the property, your business, book keeping or accounts
  • Valuation or appraisals of your business, property, assets and similar related items

It may also include business, financial, corporate and personal sensitive information It is important for us to have a complete picture, as this information assists the commercial risks and personal risks involved to meet the commercial needs of VBRO Group and its partners, employees and contractors.

How we use information
  • To help inform decisions that we make about improving business outcomes
  • Ensure and safe and accessible workplace
  • To ensure that needs are understood
  • To work effectively with other organizations who may be involved in supporting businesses ventures
  • To ensure our business activities can meet future needs
  • To review care provided to ensure it is of the highest standard possible
  • To train and provide the correct level of assistance
  • For research and audit
  • To provide the relevant information for business needs

It helps you because; Accurate and up-to-date information assists us in providing better outcomes commercially and create a better work place.

Where possible, when using information to inform future services and provision, non-identifiable information will be used.

Recipients of personal data
To provide best care possible, sometimes we will need to share information about you with others. We may share your information with a range of organization’s and regulatory bodies. You may be contacted by any one of these organizations for a specific reason; they will have a duty to tell you why they have contacted you. Information sharing is governed by specific rules and law.

Credit Checks
During our advice we may also need to share information about you to third parties to process your needs. This may also include credit checks with by our authorized partners and others we work with that are based in the United States or any relevant territory.

Insurance and Banking
During your care we may need to share information to banks and insurance companies where their services are used by us.

During your communication with VBRO Group you may be referred by your team member to a partner or current professional for part of our due diligence, legal process and other matters. We will not notify you at all times before an information referral is being made but undertake the purpose of the information referral is strictly for the matters related in this section.

Retention period of your data
Retention periods for the storage of information and records will adhere to the State of Florida code of practice or regulations.

You can submit a complaint at any time by contacting