Our Story and Our Mission

VBRO GROUP is a privately owned corporation built of a team of highly skilled and experienced staff and the contractors in all aspects of property development from land acquisition, planning, construction, letting and resales. We focus on building high quality developments with the philosophy of providing properties that allow people to study, work and live in.

Mr Suree Vyas, CEO

Our Mission is Very Simple

Developments that are high quality for our users and create a good return for our investors

Developments that are Eco friends and help reduce the carbon footprint

Developments that enhance the community and create opportunities for everyone

Our tradition

With our first developments in the highly demanding medical sector, we at VBRO have set very high standard in the quality of all the developments we carry out. Since we began, our objective has been to build in locations ready for regeneration - where people would want to buy, either to live or invest, at highly competitive prices.

Our unique approach

By being a privately owned company, we are able to make quick decisions in property acquisitions, joint ventures and developments which makes VBRO the preferred choice for many property agents, land and building owners. Professional in our approach, entrepreneurial in our thinking and loyal in our relationships, VBRO is all about mutual benefit. A family business run with family values. As a customer, partner or investor you will find us approachable, attentive, caring, efficient and reliable.

Our Team

Ashish Kapadia

Vice President – Asset Management and Project Development

Mr. Kapadia as been a part of VBRO Group’s Executive team in 2017. He manages and leads the VBRO’s diverse real estate portfolio and initiatives. He is tasked to execute company strategies with respect to current assets and develop and analyzes budgets and financial information for new development projects and acquisitions.

Mr. Kapadia has a extensive career in business operations including developing, licensing and operations of healthcare facilities. Additionally, he focused on integration of acquired and developed assets into existing business operations.

Mr. Kapadia is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has leadership roles in an area property associations and charitable foundation.