Development that enhance the community & environment
    Quality developments with great investment returns

At VBRO we believe that property development is an important driver of value for our local economy, we have been committed to the local Orlando property market for over 30 years with property and land developments at all stages.

Delivering attractive returns with our value
engineering development approach

Our unique approach to acquisition, planning and development enabling us to provide a fast and efficient turnaround time, leading to increased investment returns for all stake holders from land owners, agents, banks and more , making VBRO the preferred choice.

Developments sectors we operate in

Our Future – Building to helping the environmental

Our projects are undertaken with the environment into account, and we look at sustainability and carbon footprint to deliver buildings which help occupiers also help reduce their own carbon footprint and help the environment.

Our Community Impact program

We believe in commerce with responsibility and giving back to the communities that we serve.

Our community impact program has been set up to help the disadvantaged, under privileged and special causes in the community where we develop.

Our sponsor programs create better communities, better harmony, wellbeing, more jobs and equal opportunities and turns dreams into reality for the many underprivileged who are struggling in society.